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Three Hospitals are Referred to AHSA to be their Single Point Solution for Nursing, Allied Health and Physician Locum Staffing

by Cade Webb


Hills & Dales General Hospital in Cass City, MI, Pennock Health in Hastings, MI and Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall, MI have recently come to AHSA by referral!

With a strong Midwest presence, hospitals are proactively contacting AHSA to help them streamline their nursing, allied health and physician Locum recruitment process by restructuring communications to a single point of contact while at the same time, giving them access to the largest clinical staffing network in the US.

“We’ve seen more hospitals than ever before contacting us to support their recruiting requirements.” said Tim Cerny, AHSA’s Managing Director. “They are overwhelmed by the work involved in communicating and contracting with staffing agencies directly and they’re hearing from their peers at other hospitals how much time has been freed up for their in-house recruiters since engaging AHSA to streamline their supplemental staffing process.”