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Blanchard Valley Health System Engages AHSA for Locums Recruitment

by admin

Blanchard Valley Health System, a 150 bed non-profit integrated regional health system located in Findlay, OH has chosen to streamline its Locum recruiting efforts through AHSA’s vendor management services program.

Seeking a way to streamline Locum recruitment, BVHS researched industry best practices used by other hospitals and health systems to manage this process….and that research led them to AHSA.

“Referrals are one of our greatest forms of business development,” states Tim Cerny Managing Director of AHSA.  “Our member hospitals love what we do for them…and they talk about it.  Our goal is to turn our customers into raging fans and as a result of the teams we assign and the technology we dedicate to support the work, our members share and spread their story with other hospitals.”

As the only vendor neutral Vendor Management Services association providing physician locum services in the United States and now with over 50 of the top physician staffing agencies on contract through AHSA, there is no better way for hospitals to relieve the burden associated with Locums recruitment.