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AHSA Saves Client $13M in Annual Contingent Labor Costs

by Jess

AHSA partnered with a 3,412 bed hospital system in the Upper Midwest U.S. to improve their contingent workforce management process. The partnership led to the development of an innovative system that reduced the amount of time spent on administrative tasks and enabled staff to focus on delivering high-quality patient care. The new system introduced workflow automation into the client’s ecosystem, which streamlined the hiring process and allowed for better communication between AHSA, the healthcare system, and approved staffing firms. As a result, AHSA was able to reduce annual contingent spend by more than $13 million and reduce the number of open contract positions by 81%. Additionally, AHSA focused on improving the staffing experience, making it easier for staff to find and apply for job opportunities with the best-in-class Vendor Management System, Trio VMS. Overall, the partnership between AHSA and the client resulted in improved efficiencies and tremendous cost savings for the healthcare system, while simultaneously improving the staffing experience for healthcare professionals.

Read the full case study here: https://ahsa.com/reducing-annual-contingent-spend/ 

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