Agency Benefits

We Are Not an Agency

AHSA is not an agency. Unlike some MSP/VMS programs that are agency-led, AHSA's contracted agencies are part of a trusted relationship. There is no fear that jobs are being distributed days, or even weeks later, and our agencies are confident in knowing their candidates are not being lost to a master agency.

Truly Vendor-Neutral

Vendor-neutrality is at the heart of our company. It is how we think, act, and execute, and it is ingrained in our culture. We rely completely on the agencies within our network to fill open positions for the clients we support. Our vendor-neutral business model ensures that our contracted staffing agencies compete on a level playing field.

A Relationship-Driven Culture

We strive to nurture the best relationships in the MSP/VMS field. We value the connection with our contracted agencies and understand the importance of maintaining the trust between us. When posting jobs, our relationship teams seek to gather as much information from our clients as possible in order to help our agencies attract the best candidates. We seek to be the best MSP/VMS resource in the industry for our contracted agencies because we know that without their participation, our service would falter.

User-friendly Technology

Our proprietary web-based technology, Trio, was created to be the easiest VMS system to use throughout the industry. Our agencies have a 24/7 view of new and current job openings, as well as the status of their candidates. This intentional ease-of-use translates into faster fill-rates for our clients and greater success for our agencies.

A Single Point of Contact

AHSA acts as a single point of contact for our agencies. Our relationship management teams serve as the conduits for open positions while receiving and pre-screening all submitted candidates. Our teams are in direct communication with our healthcare clients in order to provide immediate feedback to our agencies.

One Contract

Through one standard contract with AHSA, each agency in our network has immediate access to every AHSA healthcare client across the country. The standard terms, conditions, and pricing within the contract promote fair competition and equal opportunities for each agency to grow and achieve success.