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Founded in 2003, AHSA delivers healthcare workforce solutions to streamline and simplify the way healthcare organizations procure and manage supplemental staffing. As a vendor-neutral Managed Service Provider (MSP) utilizing our state-of-the-art, proprietary VMS technology, Trio, we significantly reduce temporary staffing expenditures, improve visibility and control, and reduce the risks associated with temporary staffing.

We make the staffing process painless and efficient for our clients and approved agencies participating in our programs through AHSA’s single contract. We eliminate burdensome administrative work by assigning each client a dedicated, single point of contact Relationship Team that is personally involved in delivering quality staff. Customized reporting tracks spending and key performance metrics, while Trio, our web-based VMS technology, stores, manages, and monitors supplemental staff credential records to provide essential compliance support.

As a pioneer in the industry, AHSA was the first to provide physician locum tenens and advanced practice workforce solutions in addition to nursing, allied health, medical office, IT and non-clinical services. Today, AHSA is the only MSP with VMS technology specifically built and dedicated to provide an enterprise-wide, comprehensive MSP solution for any healthcare organization looking to simplify its supplemental staffing process.

Please contact us to learn more about our customized workforce solutions and to schedule a demo of Trio, the industry’s newest, best of breed VMS application. Email us: [email protected] or call toll free 1-800-784-1975.

Highly-Engaged Agency Network

AHSA’s network of over 200 staffing agencies is committed to fill nursing, allied, and locum positions. Agencies contracted to AHSA know they are not promoting the market share of a competing agency led MSP.

Trio - Vendor Management Technology

AHSA’s proprietary web-based application has been strategically designed to be seamless, easy to use, and effortless to integrate. It streamlines every step of the hiring process while providing detailed staffing and cost reporting.


By managing the supplemental staffing process for hundreds of healthcare organizations across the country, AHSA is able to deliver strategic and actionable data to our clients that can help facilities achieve significant cost savings.

Point of Contact

AHSA offers a single point of contact to both our clients and our agencies. We eliminate the need for clients to deal directly with countless agencies and provide a designated contact for our agencies. We reduce nearly all administrative work while offering our clients a larger, more qualified pool of candidates, shortening fill time, and decreasing cost.


Every AHSA client is supported by a dedicated and experienced relationship team. Whether on-site or in-house, AHSA’s relationship teams work directly with our clients to support their staffing needs.


Vendor-neutrality is at the heart of our company. We are not a staffing agency. We rely on our contracted network of staffing agencies to fill open positions for the clients we support. Our vendor-neutral business model provides the agencies in our network with a level playing field and an equal opportunity to win business.

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