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Jess came to the healthcare world with extensive experience in processes and operations in the automotive industry. She has been with AHSA since 2020 and has been able to apply her analytical mindset and program management skills to the behind-the-scenes work she does as the Operations Manager here at AHSA.  Jess works directly with all aspects of AHSA's clients and agencies, to integrate their teams' partnerships into our programs. She enjoys engaging in productive tasks, with the result being on point! Considered the AHSA "Olivia Pope", give her a task...she will make it happen! Jess and her husband enjoy the work/family life balance with all things Northern Michigan, especially a good trail and brewery!

Fun Facts:

→ Loves the smell of hot water and powder tide

→ Has an infinity for the book Le Petit Prince

→ Lives in a house divided...#LetsGoBucks!

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Our Team

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