Trio VMS Technology

Since our founding in 2003, we recognized the need for a technology to streamline the staffing process. So, we created the industry’s most user-friendly web-based VMS technology, we call Trio, specifically for our clients and our agencies. Our 360-degree solution supports the healthcare staffing process with ease. It has been strategically designed to be seamless to implement and easy to use, all while intuitively simplifying the hiring process.

For Healthcare Clients

  • Pre-populated and customized job selections puts HR reps or nurse managers just one-click away from getting their staffing needs out.
  • Configuration of the system creates a streamlined process to approve jobs internally before they reach our network of staffing agencies and the submissions come pouring in.
  • Working with AHSA means no more time spent reviewing candidates who aren’t qualified. AHSA’s relationship teams make sure that the only candidates in the system are qualified for your positions
  • Candidates can be reviewed and hired with the click of a button.
  • Traveler compliance documents are stored during and after each assignment to ensure all needed credentials are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Incredible visibility and reporting in key staffing categories and spend segments can be delivered right from our system.

For Staffing Agencies

  • Immediate access to the most detailed job postings in the industry.
  • No more navigating through multiple steps to get your candidates in the door. Save valuable time with a simple candidate submission process.
  • Status updates give insight into what’s going on with your candidates and where they're at in the hiring process.
  • AHSA is more than just a technology platform. Its relationship teams are there to help you with the answers and information you need


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