Fanie Pieterse

My MSP/VMS Is Not Delivering; Should I Switch Providers?

by Fanie Pieterse

Over the past decade, adoption of MSP programs and VMS technology to better manage healthcare staffing has grown dramatically. More than two thirds of travel nurses are being hired through MSP/VMS programs and further adoption and expansion is expected across all clinical staffing specialties.

MSP and VMS in Healthcare: What’s the Difference?

by Fanie Pieterse

With healthcare organizations experiencing faster-than-average employment growth and clinician unemployment rates at a low point, hiring managers are scrambling to recruit qualified clinicians to fill the gaps in their staff schedules. Initially, they cover their needs through working directly with a select number of trusted staffing agencies. However, as their temp

MSP and VMS in Healthcare: What’s the Best Solution for You?

by Fanie Pieterse

As a healthcare leader or hiring manager, if you are finding it more and more difficult to manage the gaps and inefficiencies of your contingent workforce program, you are not alone. It’s at that moment that healthcare executives may choose to implement a more streamlined, centralized model for the hiring of temporary staff. They may ask, “Should I adopt a VM

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