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AHSA helps the community this holiday season

by Cade Webb


With the 2017 Holiday season in full swing, our team at AHSA wanted to do what we could to make sure that people in our community had a great Christmas. Considering our company’s great growth over this past year, we decided to contribute to not one, but two charities this season! The first charity was our traditional Paper Angels campaign, where we adopted a family through Child & Family Services here in Traverse City, MI. Being able to help out such a great organization is something our team looks forward to every year. This year, we were able to provide gifts for a family with 5 children! Through employee donations and matching gifts from AHSA, we raised enough to buy presents for these great kids – the youngest being 4 years old and the eldest 17. Each child created a ‘wish list’ and AHSA provided several items for each. They are going to have a wonderful Christmas morning!

The next charity we wanted to assist this season was the Father Fred Foundation. Father Fred was established in 1989 and is a staple in our community. In their own words, “We work to nurture hope when all else seems hopeless.” By providing food for those who need it, helping keep heat and lights on in homes, or by providing clothing/shoes, countless individuals and families have been helped by this organization. This year, AHSA wanted to help contribute to their continued success. By holding a canned food/personal care item drive, our team was able to give over 260 items!

Being able to help our community in this way brought our team here at AHSA great joy and we look forward to giving again in the future.

We hope everyone has a great holiday season!

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